A testimonial by Ray – Workshop on “How to Tame Your Inner Critic” with The Writers Club (July 2016)

A testimonial on The Gathering

“The exclusive women’s Gathering caught my attention when I saw the event listing in my mailbox, however, I sat on it. The night before the event, at the back of my head, there was this little voice beckoning me to check it out.

Sincere and authentic. Kitty’s earnest intention and sharing of her personal story has indeed made her a woman (in every sense) for the great cause she is doing to benefit and impact fellow women. Her patience ears and insightful advices have dawned a “new” realization in me from the stubborn beliefs I have reluctantly refused to let go or come into terms with. I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the many new lessons I have learned in this short yet impactful session. These “aha” awakenings are priceless motivation for me, giving me every reason to move forward.

I would highly recommend The Gathering should you have any issue you can’t figure out or just need a listening ear.”

Ning (Chua Ning Pei) 2015