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Congratulations! The best gift we can gift ourselves is to go inwards to discover and uncover our own gifts via self-reflection and discovery.

What Outcome Can You Expect?

This personal and intimate 121 session is to help you uncover and build on your self belief and trust. Our self belief and trust is constantly being tested by our external environments, such as negative comments, rejections or judgements. If we are not clear of our self worthiness as who we are and what we stand for, our truth and inner voice will slowly be overwhelmed or buried by the external noises.

The 121 session is to enable you to regain and rebuild your self belief and trust, and to quietly and calmly speak and live your truth.

What Is The Process?

Nothing can happen without your commitment. Before the start of our 121 sessions, you will be asked to sign an agreement to confirm your willingness and commitment to your own growth.

Different areas will be worked on throughout your journey. They include but not limited to:

  • Reveal your truth by removing thoughts and beliefs that limit and confine you
  • Bring crystal clear clarity on what is truly important to you and how to align your life with your truth
  • Develop and cultivate the habit of mindfulness and awareness
  • Learn to find the balance between your mind and heart
  • Change your mindset from a focus on limitation to a focus on possibility and opportunity
  • Develop a personal plan with you to sustain your on-going transformational journey

Sessions can be done in person or online.


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