Is what you think is important the same as WHAT is truly important in your life?

Many people believe they know what is important to them. However, with so much external noise out there telling you how you should live your life, what is considered to be a good life, how to make more money and work less hours per week in order to become, if not to be seen more successful, it is not surprising to see more and more people feeling emptied inside them even when from the outside they look as if they were living a rich and successful life.


3 Major Challenges Senior Executives face

We all want to live a full and authentic life. However, our world is full of expectations and pressure. More often than we would like to admit, we are pushing ourselves to be someone who we are not or do something that we don’t like just so we can “fit in” or “be seen in the right place doing the right thing with the right people” to achieve that projected vision we have in our mind.

When we have done that long enough, we split our lives into two:

  • the real life we live, and
  • the life we actually want to live.

Which life are you currently living? More

The secret in finding what we truly want to do in our life

Many of us at some point in life ask ourselves this question. It may be we are experiencing a mid/late life crisis or simply we find ourselves at a cross road in life. No matter how hard we think, the answers somehow never seem to come.

We are defaulted to use our minds for answers. Yet, the answers to the life related questions never seem to come no matter how hard we think. We have forgotten, and probably didn’t realize, that when it comes to life questions the formula may work differently. More